Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chicken Legs

Welcome to my first ever blog! I've always wanted to do a blog, but not just random thoughts, i wanted to share something I enjoy doing mixed with random thoughts! Anyway one of the things I really enjoy is grilling on my Weber charcoal grill. I've been around charcoal pretty much my whole life. As a kid, I remember helping my Dad build the pyramid of Kingsford charcoal, hose it down with Gulflight lighter fulid, and light the fire! Charcoal grilling really hasn't changed too much since then (except I don't use lighter fulid-I use a charcoal chimney) and that's one of the thing I love about it.

Instead of grilling something tonight that I could grill in my sleep, it just so happens that I grilled something that I've never grilled before-chicken legs. I figured this would be a sinch since I grill chicken breast all the time. Not so fast! Chicken legs, has we all know, have a bone in them. And when something has a bone in it, it takes longer to cook. So I ALMOST screwed up - strach that, i DID screw up! I took them off WAY too early. I fed my wife a raw chicken leg. Sorry babe! Fortunatly the grill was still piping hot, so I plopped the legs back on the grill and let em coast. Now that I was thinking straight, I got out the meat thermometer and started grilling properly. Lauras sidedish of Ranch-Bacon Pasta salad was awesome as always, and now that the chicken legs were done, dinner was saved and right on time.